Advent is Coming

THE FOUR WEEKS OF ADVENT are set apart by the Church to commemorate the ages that intervened between the fall of our first parents and the birth of Christ which we celebrate at Christmas. It is a Season of special prayer and penance mingled with joyful expectation, and calculated to prepare our souls for a worthy keeping of this great solemnity. 

Advent is also the beginning of the ecclesiastical year, and as each succeeding year brings us closer to the Second Coming of Christ as Judge of the world, this holy time is likewise intended to make us ready to meet our Judge. 

Consider the following categories on what we should do for Advent this year. 

Do not let this time to Grow in Holiness Pass You By!!

VOLUNTARY AMENDMENT OF LIFE: Give up those things that need to go sooner or later, namely bad habits.

ACTS OF PENANCE: Perform some kind of penance. Our goal here is to train ourselves to say “no” in little things so that we can say “NO” to big temptations later. 

WORKS OF CHARITY: Perform some good and holy action(s). Our goal here is to strengthen our relationship with Christ and His Church.

St. Joseph and Fr. McGivney, please pray for us!

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